Are Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler Back Together?

Tragedies always bring people closer together, and it seems that Travis Barker's plane crash has brought both he and Shanna Moakler back together as well as Travis and his ex-Blink-182 band mates back together. Travis and his fellow Blink 182 band mates are getting back together together for the Grammy Awards on Sunday. They're not going to be playing, but rather presenting, but it's a start.

As far as Travis and Shanna's relationship goes, here's the scoop from

"The tumultuous relationship of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler appears to be back on. And to hear the former Blink-182 drummer tell it, his near-death experience in a fiery plane crash last September is a big reason why.

Speaking to Us Magazine, Barker said he's reunited with former Playboy playmate Moakler more than two years after the couple divorced. The magazine reported that Moakler wore her wedding ring and held hands with Barker at Will.I.Am's Grammy week kickoff party in Los Angeles on Monday night.

"[I'm] here with my babies' mama, my wife and my kids, and I really can't be happier," Barker said, referring to Moakler, whose MySpace status still lists her as "single" as of Wednesday (February 4) morning; for the record, so does Barker's. Barker said he's still recovering from the third-degree burns he suffered in the crash, which also seriously injured his musical partner, DJ AM, and killed the pilot and co-pilot, as well as Barker's best friend and personal assistant, "Lil Chris" Baker, and bodyguard, Charles "Che" Still. He still faces "a couple more surgeries" as a result of the burns he sustained to his torso in the crash, which investigators believe was likely caused by a tire that blew out on takeoff."

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