Johnny Carson's Sidekick Ed McMahon Reportedly Has Bone Cancer And His Condition Is Very Serious

Ed McMahon is the most famous sidekick in the history of television. At least that's my opinion. Sadly, he's been hospitalized now for over a month, and according to

The 85-year-old is reported to have bone cancer, pneumonia and other complications.

His signature phrase, “Heeeeeeere’s Johnny” which introduced Carson at the beginning of every episode of the talk show garnered him an indelible spot in the hearts of many fans. His bombastic personality played counterpoint to Carson’s more shy demeanor creating many unforgettable TV moments.

In 2005, McMahon wrote a book remembering the late talk show legend and reflecting on their close friendship. He wrote, “So often I look at a phone with a sinking feeling because I can’t pick it up and get to him.”

Who could forget his work on "Star Search," which lead the way for "American Idol"? Or, in a hilarious turn, McMahon's commercials for Free Credit Report in which he took his turn rapping? Most recently (probably to help deal with his well-publicized mortgage problems) McMahon paired up with MC Hammer for Cash 4 Gold ads that ran during the Superbowl.

I hope you get well soon Ed.

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