PHOTOS: Can You Name Which Female Celebrity Goes With Which Hand?

Since it's a Saturday, I thought we'd have a little fun today. Below are 20 pictures of hands of 20 different female celebrities. Can you name the celebrity that the hand goes with? Before you click on each picture, see how many you can name. If you're stumped, you can always click on the picture to go to the full picture. To help you out, below the pictures are the names of the 20 celebrities featured in random order. Have fun!

Celebs' hands featured above in no particular order: Drew Barrymore, Serena Williams, Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria Parker, Beyonce, Diane Lane, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Beard, Cindy Crawford, Freida Pinto, Jennifer Nettles, Megan Fox, Halle Berry, Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Aubrey O'Day, Charlize Theron

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