Warren Beatty Wants To Share A Bed With Lindsay Lohan

...well, not exactly. But, according to the National Enquirer, Beatty does want to cast Lohan in his next movie, and to keep her under control, he wants her to stay under his roof. Here's the details from the National Enquirer:

According to, lover doll Warren who's bedded some of the world's most fabulous babes and is the producer/director of such Hollywood hits as Reds and Bugsy ) is dangling his …uh ... reputation before La Lohan.

It's a script offer for her to costar with Warren in his new flick. And while she does so - stay under his roof - well, one of his guest pads -- so she can be close at hand.

Despite her much publicized troubles, Lohan is a gifted actress. Lilo has a well deserved rep for being late to set and difficult (like her idol Marilyn Monroe) and Warren wants to keep her close to the vest while directing the nubile starlet.

Plus - there's all that mothering and mentoring wifey Annette can provide for the dysfunctional Lohan clan breadwinner.

Smart money insiders say Lilo's packing those bags to Mulholland Drive faster than you can say Sam Ronson!

Article Source: The National Enquirer

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