Jodie Foster Caught Speeding...Denies It...And Almost Ends Up On Reality Show

But officer, my little Prius won't even go that fast... Jodie Foster was pulled over for speeding in Beverly Hills for going 52 in a 35 mph zone. And, it just so happened that a film crew from the reality show Speeders was riding along with the cop who pulled her over. They tried to get her to fill out a waiver so they could feature her on the show, but she refused, and she was quite adamant that she wasn't speeding.

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"…she grew quite agitated and angry, and kept insisting to the police officers that the radar gun must have made a mistake. She maintained to the officers that she was only going 30 mph at the time they pulled her over, and she kept interrupting and complaining that the process was taking too long… Despite her numerous requests otherwise, the cops still issued her a citation."

Good try Jodie. Guess being a celeb doesn't always pay off, huh?

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