Lil' Kim Refined Her Dancing Skills While in Prison

Lil' Kim's "girls" in prison told her she needed to be on Dancing With The Stars. It's nice to know dreams do come true even for prisoners. Here's the details from OK! Magazine:

The latest competitor to take on Dancing with the Stars, rapper Lil' Kim, says she's thrilled to be part of the show.

"I'm a huge fan!" she tells The Insider. "When I was in prison, me and my girls used to watch it. My girls were like, 'Kim, you need to be on that show.' In prison you have to all agree what shows you watch. If we can't agree, it doesn't get watched. Everyone watched it faithfully. It's like the #1 show in prison!"

Kim's partner this season is Derek Hough, who says he was initially nervous to meet her, "but she's so soft-spoken and nice," he says. "We gelled immediately."

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