Happy Birthday Patrick Swayze - Our Celeb Photo of the Day

Today is Patrick Swayze's 56th birthday. He's been battling cancer since January of last year, and he's still battling. Patrick's a fighter, and if ever there was someone who could beat cancer, it's Patrick. Happy Birthday Patrick! We love you man.

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Photo Flashback - Jodie Foster and Al Pacino at the 1993 Academy Awards

In 1993, Al Pacino won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Scent of a Woman. In this photo flashback, here's Pacino holding on to his "Oscar" with actress Jodie Foster.

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Photo Flashback - BW of Cheryl Tiegs and Wayne Gretzky?

Check out this photo I found today. It's an awesome black/white photo of the lovely Cheryl Tiegs and Wayne Gretzky (I think...) I haven't been able to completely verify that it is indeed Gretzky, but it sure looks like him. Enjoy!

Hooded Rihanna During Run This Town Video Shoot

Here's a candid shot of Rihanna posing during her recent video shoot for her Run This Town video.

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Shanae Grimes at the DoSomething.org The Power Of Youth Event - Thursday's Celeb Photo of the Day

Introducing the lovely and talented Shanae Grimes, our Thursday photo of the day. Shanae plays Annie Wilson on 90210, the spin off of the very popular 90's TV show Beverly Hills, 90210.

90210: The Complete First Season

Photo Source: Celebutopia.net