Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner Call It Quits - Were They Actually Ever Really Started?

You know what's funny with being a celebrity... Every little relationship you have is considered to be 'the one'. Geez... Taylor Swift is only 20 years old, and Taylor Lautner is only 17 freaking years old. It's amazing to me how the media will get wind of a couple of people going out on a date, and the next thing you know, they're 'about to get married'. Just let these kids have some fun and call it what is... a fling and nothing else. For more about the split up, visit NashvilleGab.com.

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New Tara Reid Nude Photos From Playboy Magazine

Do you remember those photos of Tara Reid on the red carpet with her recently surgically enhanced breast exposed (see NSFW video). Well, since Tara hasn't really done anything of major significance since those photos, she decided that she'd like to show the world that her boobs look fine now. So, Playboy's January/February issue features Ms. Reid in all her glory. I have to admit, after extensive photoshopping, she looks pretty good. Click on the photo below to see the NSFW uncensored version of this photo as well as the others from the shoot courtesy of Egotastic.com.

**Update - Playboy frowns on any of their photos being displayed on any other sites besides their own, so, you're going to have to visit Playboy.com if you want to see these photos now... Sorry.**

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PHOTO: Taylor Swift To Be The Next Supergirl!

Rumor has it that Taylor Swift is in the running to be the next Supergirl. Why not? She's already on top of the world, so why not let her fly over it...

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PHOTOS: Kate Hudson Looking As Good As I've Ever Seen Her - 'NINE' Premiere

Kate Hudson has been photographed by the paparazzi as much as anyone, but these photos from last night's premiere of NINE at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC are excellent. Kate looks fantastic. What do you think?

New York Premiere of "NINE" - Arrivals

View all the photos after the jump.


Rihanna Topless Photos From GQ Magazine

Be still my beating heart... Rihanna is topless on the cover of GQ magazine, and the photos inside are just as hot. Enjoy!

Two more unbelievable photos after the jump.


Tiger Woods' Boat Guard Flips 'The Bird' To Paparazzi

I love this. The first picture is a photo of Tiger Woods' yacht, Privacy, as it sits in the harbor at North Palm Beach. Speculation is mounting as activity around the yacht heats up. My favorite photo though is the second photo. It looks like Tiger has given his boats' guards specific instructions to greet paparazzi with the international symbol of "F-off"! Too funny...

Activity At Tiger Woods' Boat Fuels Speculations

Activity At Tiger Woods' Boat Fuels Speculations

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Very Rare Photos Of Jaclyn Smith During Charlie's Angels Days

I love these two photos of Jaclyn Smith. She was my favorite of all of Charlie's Angels. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: Carrie Underwood Slams Ex-BoyToy Tony Romo

Sweet little country vixen Carrie Underwood didn't hold back when asked about ex-boyfriend Tony Romo in an interview with Esquire magazine. She also takes a shot at American Idol mouth piece Simon Cowell.

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VIDEO: Tiger Woods' Nude Photos To Appear In Playgirl? Maybe...

Just when you think this story has lost it's luster, the story takes another twist. Allegedly, one of Tiger's mistresses took some nude photos of him and is shopping them to Playgirl magazine. Here's the video from CelebTV.

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PHOTO: Kristin Davis At The Beach And Experiencing A Nip Slip

Neither Kristin nor her male friend seem to care that her right nipple is pulling an Elaine from Seinfeld and trying to escape. Oh well, her loss is our gain, right? Enjoy!

The uncensored photo is after the jump.

Watch Lindsay Lohan's New NSFW Video From Her Muse Magazine Photo Shoot

Lindsay Lohan's film/music career has pretty much been in the dumps for quite a while now, so I guess she thought it would be a good career move to publish yet more photos of herself nude in Muse magazine (Egotastic has them if you'd like to see them), and then she decided it would also be a good idea to shoot a video of the photo shoot in which she and her half-naked friends proceed to smoke a lot of cigarettes in bed and in the bathroom while they occasionally simulate sex. I don't know what to think of the video. If nothing else, it's a great commercial for smoking cigs in bed, which we all know is a really smart move. See what you think...

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PHOTO: Samantha Fox Looking Slim, Trim And Hot While Attending The Woman's Own Children Of Courage Awards

Former pinup girl turned pop sensation Samantha Fox was among those attending the Woman's Own Children of Courage Awards at Westminster Abbey in London, England today. I do believe she looks better than ever. Although, the photo after the jump is still my all-time favorite Sam Fox photo. Enjoy!

Woman's Own Children Of Courage Award

PHOTO: Elin Nordegren - Again, WTF Was Tiger Thinking? Look At This...

Earlier, I gave my opinion of what Tiger needs to do to try and salvage some dignity, but then a friend emailed me this photo of Elin, and once again, my jaw dropped, and the only thing I could think of was WTF Tiger? This photo and the ones I published last week will haunt Tiger for the rest of his life. Oh well, like sands through the hourglass, so are the mistresses of Tiger Woods...

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Get To Know Zoe Saldana Through These Very Sexy Photos

Zoe Saldana? If the name's not ringing a bell, it will very soon. She plays the animated character Neytiri in James Cameron's Avatar, due to be released on December 16, 2009. As you can see from these photos, whether the movie is a hit or not, visually, it should be stunning...

More unbelievable photos of Zoe are after the jump.

Very Sexy Photoshoot Of The Lovely Emma Watson From Harry Potter Fame

Oh my oh my... little Hermione from Harry Potter has blossomed into a very attractive young woman. These photos are from a photoshoot in L.A. this year. Enjoy!

More lovely photos of Miss Watson are after the jump.

Photo: Miley Cyrus Is Wearing Hair Extensions, Right?

Either Miley is wearing hair extensions, or she has decided that it's cool for your hair to hang lower than your butt...

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While Tiger Spirals Downward, John Daly's Future Is Looking Up and Up

My how the pendulum has swung in professional golf. Just a year ago, John Daly's life and career were in shambles. His weight was out of control. His personal life was in shambles, and he was suspended from the PGA Tour for six months. Now, Long John's career and life seem to be on the up and up. As you can see from the photo, he's lost over 100 pounds and is looking and feeling great. There's talk of a movie about his life, and he's hoping to make a statement on the golf course this year as well. Here's a little excerpt from an article on Yahoo! Sports yesterday:

For the past two decades, the name "John Daly" has been synonymous in golf circles with the kind of lifestyle better suited to country music than the soft piano tones you hear on every golf telecast. He could grip it and rip it better than anybody on Tour, and played his way into two majors, but off the course his life was one long speed down a dark highway with the lights off.

Daly hit rock bottom around this time last year. He was found passed out outside a North Carolina Hooters, and later smashed a fan's camera while playing in Australia. The PGA Tour suspended him for six months, and it looked like the long, hard road of golf's most famous party animal was about to end in an ugly fashion.

But then Daly did something nobody would ever have expected -- and considering what he'd done in the past, that's saying something:

He cleaned up. And now he might be going Hollywood.

Daly's in the middle of a yearlong redemption tour. In addition to playing well at the British Open -- he made the cut where Tiger Woods didn't -- he's now back in Coolum, Australia at the site of one of his most famous blowups. In 2002, he carded a triple-bogey 7 on the 18th hole, then threw his ball and putter into the lake and stormed off without signing his scorecard, disqualifying himself from the tournament. He was fined nearly $6,000 by the Australasian PGA Tour and ordered to write an I'm-sorry letter. It doesn't look like Daly will be producing those kinds of sparks this weekend, but that's probably for the best.
To read this entire article, go to this page on Yahoo! Sports.

So, what can we and Tiger learn from Daly's apparent about-face?

First, it doesn't matter how low you are in life, you can always turn things around if you have a good team supporting you and the persistence to stay-the-course. Second, before it gets better, it always gets a little worse. Stick with it. Finally, and most importantly for Tiger, you've got to be humble. People will forgive you if you are humble, ask for forgiveness and truly change.

In my opinion, that's the only way Tiger is going to regain the respect he once enjoyed among his peers and fans alike. He needs to come clean. Tell everyone the truth in person and not in writing and let the world see that you really are sorry. Then, change. Change. Daly's biggest problem has always been sticking with it. He's "seemingly" changed for the better many times, only to fall back into his destructive ways again and again. Tiger has no choice now but to change. He has to, and I hope he does. Yes, this has been a sensational story that has provided us with some sizzling photos, videos and stories, but for Tiger's sake, his families sake and for professional sports sake, he needs to change for good.

Okay. I don't normally get into serious commentary here, but this just came out of me today. Your thoughts?

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Video Of Woman Taken By Ambulance From Tiger Wood's Home - What The Heck Is Going On?

It is absolutely unbelievable what is going on with Tiger Woods these days. Women are coming out of the woods, no pun intended, and claiming long-standing affairs with the world's most famous and now infamous golfer, and now an unidentified woman was rushed to the hospital from his home. I pray this wasn't Elin and some sort of self-inflicted wound...

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Video And Photos Of Carrie Underwood Looking Mighty Fine On The Beach In The Bahamas

It's not often that the former American Idol winner and current queen of country music shows off her bikini body, but this video and photos from her current Bahamas vacation are pretty sweet. BTW, who are the BBW's hanging out with Carrie? Enjoy!

View the video and all the photos after the jump.


PHOTO: Leighton Meester At The KISS FM Jingle Ball 2009

How about a quick photo of Leighton Meester before you head to bed tonight? Okay. Here you go...

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For The Ladies - Photo of David Beckham At LAX

I think the ladies will like this one...

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PHOTOS - Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner On A Date In Beverly Hills

Taylor and Taylor were out on the town for a little dinner and then a little ice cream. What do you expect? They're only 14 or something, right? Just kidding. They do look very young though, don't they?

More photos are after the jump.

Photos of Holly Madison Showing Off Her Assets At Her 25th Birthday Party

For some reason, I thought Holly Madison was older than 25. Oh well, while she looks a little older than 25 to me, she's still looking good, don't you think?

P.S. Looks like the guy behind her is getting an eyeful, huh?

More photos from the event are after the jump.


VIDEO: Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene From Hearts Of Palm

Wow, I've been waiting years for Rachel Bilson to pose nude, and now we not only get her nude but also in a sex scene. Awesome!

P.S. This is definitely NSFW...

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PHOTO: Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan And His Girlfriend/Brooke's Twin

I love the Hulkster, but this is just a little bit creepy. Here's Hulk with his daughter Brooke and his girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel. They're just a little too similar to me, but I guess Hogan just doesn't see it, huh? What do you think?

Oh yeah, if you forgot, here's the Hulkster's ex-wife Linda...

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Red Alert - Photographic Reminder Of Why You Need To Watch ABC's Modern Family - Hint - Sofia Vergara...

A few weeks ago, I told you about Modern Family and the best reason to watch it. As a friendly reminder, the reason is simple: Sofia Vergara. If you need a little more evidence, then take a gander at these photos of Sofia poolside. Now that's some cleavage folks...

Just in case you have doubts that the above picture is actually Sofia, here's another one:

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PHOTO: Miley Cyrus' New Under-the-Boob Tattoo

Miley Cyrus is only 17, but photos of her in a bikini and even an apparent nipple slip are running rampant on the web. Because of her age, I'm not going anywhere near the apparent nip slip, but I did want to give you a look at the new tattoo she got under her left breast. It reads "Just Breathe". That's what a lot of young men around the world need to be doing right now as they look at this photo of their beloved Hannah Montana. Enjoy! Btw, if you are so inclined, Egotastic has the above mentioned photos.

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PHOTOS: Katy Perry And Her Ever-Present Cleavage Out On The Town

I know one thing for certain. Katy Perry absolutely loves her own cleavage. Here she is out to dinner at Nobu in Hollywood with her cleavage. Enjoy!

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Taylor Swift's Bikini Video

There's not much to this video at all, but I'm sure there are millions of young men around the world who will enjoy it anyway. There's no audio, but you do get a nice look at Taylor Swift in a two-piece bikini. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: Tiger Woods Apologizes For His Transgressions

You knew this was just a matter of time...

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VIDEO: Family Ties Mom (Meredith Baxter) Admits On The Today Show - 'I Am A Lesbian'

Wow, this is definitely something that Alex P. Keaton would not approve of...

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Lady Gaga Looking Like A Blond Marilyn Manson On The Ellen Show

Lady Gaga is starting to look more and more like a blond Marilyn Manson. This is just strange...

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