While Tiger Spirals Downward, John Daly's Future Is Looking Up and Up

My how the pendulum has swung in professional golf. Just a year ago, John Daly's life and career were in shambles. His weight was out of control. His personal life was in shambles, and he was suspended from the PGA Tour for six months. Now, Long John's career and life seem to be on the up and up. As you can see from the photo, he's lost over 100 pounds and is looking and feeling great. There's talk of a movie about his life, and he's hoping to make a statement on the golf course this year as well. Here's a little excerpt from an article on Yahoo! Sports yesterday:

For the past two decades, the name "John Daly" has been synonymous in golf circles with the kind of lifestyle better suited to country music than the soft piano tones you hear on every golf telecast. He could grip it and rip it better than anybody on Tour, and played his way into two majors, but off the course his life was one long speed down a dark highway with the lights off.

Daly hit rock bottom around this time last year. He was found passed out outside a North Carolina Hooters, and later smashed a fan's camera while playing in Australia. The PGA Tour suspended him for six months, and it looked like the long, hard road of golf's most famous party animal was about to end in an ugly fashion.

But then Daly did something nobody would ever have expected -- and considering what he'd done in the past, that's saying something:

He cleaned up. And now he might be going Hollywood.

Daly's in the middle of a yearlong redemption tour. In addition to playing well at the British Open -- he made the cut where Tiger Woods didn't -- he's now back in Coolum, Australia at the site of one of his most famous blowups. In 2002, he carded a triple-bogey 7 on the 18th hole, then threw his ball and putter into the lake and stormed off without signing his scorecard, disqualifying himself from the tournament. He was fined nearly $6,000 by the Australasian PGA Tour and ordered to write an I'm-sorry letter. It doesn't look like Daly will be producing those kinds of sparks this weekend, but that's probably for the best.
To read this entire article, go to this page on Yahoo! Sports.

So, what can we and Tiger learn from Daly's apparent about-face?

First, it doesn't matter how low you are in life, you can always turn things around if you have a good team supporting you and the persistence to stay-the-course. Second, before it gets better, it always gets a little worse. Stick with it. Finally, and most importantly for Tiger, you've got to be humble. People will forgive you if you are humble, ask for forgiveness and truly change.

In my opinion, that's the only way Tiger is going to regain the respect he once enjoyed among his peers and fans alike. He needs to come clean. Tell everyone the truth in person and not in writing and let the world see that you really are sorry. Then, change. Change. Daly's biggest problem has always been sticking with it. He's "seemingly" changed for the better many times, only to fall back into his destructive ways again and again. Tiger has no choice now but to change. He has to, and I hope he does. Yes, this has been a sensational story that has provided us with some sizzling photos, videos and stories, but for Tiger's sake, his families sake and for professional sports sake, he needs to change for good.

Okay. I don't normally get into serious commentary here, but this just came out of me today. Your thoughts?

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